Boom Loaders Rental Dubai

On construction sites or in warehouses, lifting and placing loads at height quickly is vital for productivity. While forklifts have limited reach, telehandlers, also called teletrucks or boom loader forklifts, are designed to rise, reach and handle more.

Rather than purchasing telehandlers that may sit idle between jobs, consider renting from the experts at Hamdan Forklifts. With over 150 units from top brands, we offer the largest telehandler rental fleet in Dubai. Our teletrucks can lift higher, reach further and move faster to conquer any material handling job.

Benefits of Renting Boom Loaders / Telehandlers

Compared to standard forklifts, telehandlers provide key advantages:

  • Greater lift height – Up to 55 ft maximum reach vs 15 ft for most forklifts
  • Extended horizontal reach – Up to 40 ft to place loads further away
  • Faster operation – Quickly attach and detach loading forks/bucket
  • All-terrain – Sturdy 4×4 and crawler units traverse rough sites
  • Customized – Add attachments like winches, jibs, personnel baskets

With Hamdan Forklifts‘ extensive rental inventory, we have the ideal telehandler whether you require high lifting capacity or maximum reach in tight spaces. Renting provides affordable access to specialized capabilities without a major capital investment.

Optimizing Construction Site Productivity

For construction sites, the versatility of telehandlers improves productivity when moving materials. Key rental models we offer include:

  • Rough terrain – Powerful 4×4 wheel telehandlers for uneven sites
  • Compact track – Crawler tracks provide grip on loose terrain
  • Rotating – Full 360° turntable allows precise load placement
  • Lift heights – Up to 55 ft to stack bricks, precast, forms

We provide short and long-term rentals on telehandlers with lift capacity from 5,000 lb to 12,000 lb. Brands include JCB, Genie, Caterpillar. Count on our expert team to deliver the ideal telehandler rental for your evolving construction site needs.

Efficient Handling for Warehouses & Distribution

In warehouses, telehandlers excel at lifting pallets to high racking, stacking containers, loading trucks quickly. Key advantages versus forklifts:

  • Rapid operation – Swiftly swap attachments like forks, bag handlers
  • Greater reach – Place loads deep in trailers and racks safely
  • Compact – Navigate narrow aisles in high density warehouses
  • Electric model – Zero emission for indoor use

With working heights up to 55 ft, our JCB, Genie and Caterpillar rental telehandlers can maximize storage density. Lease the ideal model for 3-6 months to gain productivity without huge capital outlay.

Flexible and Affordable Rental Rates

To provide access to telehandlers for any scale job, Hamdan Forklifts offers these rental terms:

  • Hourly – For small occasional load handling
  • Daily – When equipment needed short term for 1-2 weeks
  • Weekly – For project-based requirements up to 4 weeks
  • Monthly – Long-term needs of a month or longer

Whether you need machines full-time or sometimes, our transparent rental rates deliver access to the right telehandler affordably.

Safety Training to Ensure Readiness

To ensure safe, effective practices, we provide complimentary telehandler operator training with rentals. Our certified instructors cover:

  • Vehicle pre-operation inspection
  • Load lifting/lowering procedures
  • Load chart reading & capacities
  • Driving maneuvers, blind spots
  • Site hazard awareness and planning

Upon completing training, operators receive certification cards indicating telehandler qualifications. Give us a call today to schedule a session.

Responsive Service Keeps Equipment Running

Your productivity depends on reliable equipment. Hamdan Forklifts proactively maintains rental units and can dispatch technicians for any on-site breakdowns. We take care of:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Repairs – hydraulic, electrical, driveline
  • Tire changes
  • Fluid changes
  • Safety inspections

With OEM certified technicians and quick parts supply, we limit downtime so you can stay focused on operating. Trust us to handle all telehandler upkeep.

Proven Results Over 10+ Decades

With 10+ years lifting experience, Hamdan Forklifts has the expertise and fleet to deliver results. Our service earns rave reviews:

“The Genie TH5519 telehandler helped us work safely on our high-rise project. Their delivery and training process was excellent.” (Al Naboodah Construction Group)

“Our warehouse productivity has improved thanks to their telehandler rentals for flexibility. Maintenance support is superb.” (Agility Logistics)

“Their customer service is fantastic. They ensured the telehandlers met our specifications perfectly.” (Dubai Airports)

Depend on Hamdan Forklifts for the largest and most advanced telehandler and boom lift rental fleet in Dubai. Our knowledge will keep your projects moving material on schedule. Please contact us at (050) 910-8684 for a consultation on your rental needs or email Let our fleet become your fleet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about renting telehandlers:

What are the benefits of renting versus buying a Boom loaders / telehandlers?

Renting provides affordable access to telehandlers for the period you need them without a huge capital outlay. It also allows flexibility to scale fleet size up or down.

What rental terms do you offer?

We offer hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rentals for boom loaders / telehandlers. Term length depends on your project duration and frequency of use.

What telehandler types do you have for rent?

We offer rough terrain and compact track models from JCB, Genie, Caterpillar and more. Lift heights up to 55 ft and capacities from 5,000-12,000 lbs.

Do you deliver units to our work site?

Yes, we can deliver telehandlers where needed in Dubai and provide qualified operators. Simply let us know the address.

What about operator training?

We include comprehensive training with certifications for all rentals to ensure proper use. Training is free.

What happens if a rental unit breaks down?

Our techs can perform repairs at your site. With maintenance shops across Dubai, we can also swiftly swap the rental unit to minimize downtime.

Do I need insurance when renting?

No – Hamdan Forklifts provides comprehensive insurance coverage on all rental equipment. However, clients are responsible for damage from improper use.

How soon can I receive a rental telehandler?

In most cases we can deliver a unit within 48 hours. For long term rentals, more notice helps ensure the ideal match.

Rent the Boom Loaders / Telehandler for Your Job Demands

With rough terrain and warehouse models, diesel, LPG or electric power, and vast attachments, Hamdan Forklifts offers the largest telehandler rental fleet in Dubai. For expert advice and ideal equipment rentals tailored to your application, please call(050) 910-8684 today or email

Let our fleet of JCB, Genie and Caterpillar telehandlers help you work faster, safer and more productively. When you need to lift higher and reach further, rent a telehandler from the specialists.